Improve your
Driver and Fleet safety!
In over 95 countries and 35 languages, VVCR can assist you to increase driver safety and reduce fleet costs.

A behaviour based and integrated approach

A unique combination of assessment, consultancy and driver training; alongside an online portal to enable you to directly monitor your driver safety management programme.

This behaviour based and integrated approach will ensure you achieve
the maximum benefit for your business.

Assess & Consult

Assess & Consult

Data analysis, driver profiling and consultancy make our approach unique and targeted.

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Coach & Train

Coach & Train

Behaviour based driver training solutions for your drivers. Online, on the road and in the classroom.

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Monitor & Improve

Monitor & Improve

Access insight into fleet data and driver performance 24/7 through our online portal.

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Our Driver Safety Management solutions:

Select a solution and vehicle category.

And find out more about our comprehensive range of driver safety management services.

Driver profiling

Create driver profiles using our assessments

  • Driver Risk Assessment
  • Driver Eco Assessment
  • Scientifically proven
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SAFE Driving

A behavioural based defensive driving course

  • Behavioural based
  • On the road
  • In over 95 countries
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Behavioural based e-learning modules

  • Accessible 24/7
  • Risk specific
  • Interactive
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Fleet risk data monitor

Monitor your drivers' behaviours and key risk management data

  • Damage
  • Fuel
  • Performance
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Custom-designed workshops to meet your business needs

  • Customised
  • In class seminar
  • Globally
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ECO Driving

Driving fuel efficient results

  • Save fuel
  • Save costs
  • CO2 reduction
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Fleet risk consultancy

Discover opportunities for fleet and driver safety improvement

  • Fleet safety policy
  • Project management
  • Programme development
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Data analysis

Fleet & Driver Safety Management starts with data analysis

  • Your data, our concern
  • Damage and collisions
  • Fuel usage
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International certification standard by VVCR and the AA

  • Train the trainer
  • Academy certification
  • International standard
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Management training

Creating a fleet safety culture with management training

  • Safety culture
  • Customised
  • Globally
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Training management

Our planning tool helps you keep track of your administration and course registration

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Safe, sustainable and cost efficient

Effective driver safety management results in fewer accidents, reduce your CO2 footprint and provide operational & financial benefit.
  • Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Cost efficient


Protect your employees

90% of all traffic accidents involve people who are driving for work. Health & Safety is no longer a requirement solely for work sites and factories, vehicles are now also classified as a ‘work place; meaning the same rules apply for businesses who have a fleet of vehicles, no matter the type or size of fleet. 


Accident reduction - Every year 1.25 million people die on our roads. We all need to take a share of responsibility to help reduce this figure. As an employer, a driver safety management programme will help keep your employees safe, avoid collisions and reduce the risk of injuries and vehicle damage.

Duty of care - Employers have a duty of care to society and to employees. As a company vehicle is an extension of the workplace, it is vital that your staff are equipped with the tools and knowledge to drive safely. Employees are one of the most valuable assets of a company. 

Behavioural based safety - It is a given that all of us will have developed our own style of driving, especially after years on the road. Unfortunately it’s also highly likely that we will have also developed certain habits which might not be correct or safe. Using the science of behavioural-based testing can help realise changes to an individual’s driving style and improve their safety awareness and knowledge. 


Sustainable on the road

Sustainable driving will also mean a business is sustainable. Safe and green driving will contribute towards an improved environment and will help adhere to corporate social responsibilities (CSR).


CO2 reduction - Traffic is one of the largest contributors to environmental pollution. Supporting CO2 reduction initiatives will help improve operations. The introduction of a green fleet strategy doesn’t just mean the use of fuel efficient vehicles, but also the education of drivers to encourage ‘green’ driving techniques.

Social involvement - A company that actively promotes and drives its corporate and social responsibility (CSR) values is shown to have more engaged employees. Fleet risk management programmes can contribute to CSR in many forms; ensuring your employees arrive home safely every day is just one example.

Corporate identity - Your brand is your most important asset. Having an embedded road safety and environmental culture ensures your brand is protected and sends a message to others that you are a responsible employer who cares about its staff, customers and stakeholders.

Cost efficient

Savings on operational costs!

An effective fleet risk strategy can deliver significant cost savings across a business. Driver training combined with an embedded safety culture, not only can reduce costs in fuel, insurance and vehicle repairs, but also many other hidden costs. 


Repair costs - An accident or incident often can have significant financial consequences. From vehicle repairs, a loan vehicle, third party costs and even potentially employee downtime will have an impact on costs. VVCR has been able to help customers save between 15% and 80% in associated costs.

Fuel costs - On average 25% of fleet Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is fuel related. Even a relatively small saving on fuel costs can equate to a significant amount of money. Drivers who have been trained in economical, fuel efficient driving can help deliver return on investment.

Insurance costs - An increase in accident and damage costs will ultimately result in higher insurance costs. That is why we work with major insurance companies and leasing companies to make your benefit even bigger. 

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