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About us

VVCR is the global leader in Driver Safety Management. Through consultancy services, behavioural based interventions and accurate reporting we help our clients to improve driver safety, reduce their fleet costs and carbon footprint.

VVCR is an international organisation with a presence in over 95 countries and we offer our training and solutions in 35 languages. We provide comprehensive solutions in the field of road safety for businesses and organizations who have employees on the road driving for work. Driving involves risk. This means all employers have a duty of care to their staff, whether they are driving for work or operating as professional drivers. However, many drivers have remained unassessed or developed since they acquired their original driver’s licence. VVCR is the only specialised training provider on the market who is able to offer a total solution that relieves its clients of any road safety concerns they might have.

At VVCR, we aim to contribute to increase driver safety and the improvement of the environment on an ongoing basis. There are new developments in traffic all the time. Our concepts always evolve in line with these developments. The latest developments and sustainable driving concepts are integrated, recorded and monitored through our training programmes.



Changing driver behaviour 

More than 90% of the traffic accidents happen because of human errors, the main reason why we focus on changing driver behaviour.

Behavioural change is the main part of all our products and services. That is why we use scientifically proven assessments to measure driver behaviour. Changing behaviour is not achieved by just one intervention, but it is about being constantly focused on road safety. By focusing on the actual behaviour we customise the training to a person as much as possible. This does not only happen on an individual level, we are also looking at the company (safety) culture and policy regarding fleet and driver safety. Based on research we offer advice to gain maximum efficiency regarding their Driver Safety Management Programme. Also all new developments are integrated into our programmes and closely monitored.



Think global, act local

VVCR provides training and solutions in more than 95 countries and in 35 languages. We work together with the very best training partner companies to deliver behavioural-based fleet safety, and environmentally efficient driver training. 

Global Driver Training Network

The Global Training Partner Network

  • Provides an international standard of driver training;
  • Delivers a consistent approach;
  • Thinks globally, acts locally;
  • Operates according to local language, culture and regulations;
  • Consolidates management information.

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What can we achieve together?

These are the possible benefits of our services to your organisation:


  • Accident and damage reduction                                     6% - 35%        
  • Lower casco/insurance premiums                                  5% - 30%       
  • Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions             3% - 15%                                 
  • Avoid hidden costs (replacement vehicles,absenteeism etc.)
  • Corporate sustainability, responsibility and image (Duty of Care/CSR/HSE)



Our mission and vision


VVCR aims to eliminate serious injury and road death whilst simultaneously making a positive contribution to environmental awareness by working together with our partners, clients and stakeholders.


VVCR is a leading international provider of driver safety management and driver training interventions. Our mission is to provide the very best products and services to meet the needs of our clients’ driver safety management requirements, while making a positive contribution to the road safety and environmental agendas. 



Our parent company: The AA

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Between January 2014 and January 2018, VVCR was acquired by the British Automobile Association (AA) and became a division of the AA’s Driving Services operation. Since January 2018 VVCR is not longer a division of the AA, but we act as a partner and working closely together. Together we aim to reduce serious injury, eliminate road death and improve the environment globally 

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