Global Training Partner Network
A network of world's state of the art driver training companies

Global Training Partner Network

Think global. Act local. 

VVCR is the only global fleet risk management provider that can deliver road safety consultancy, driver training and monitoring on a local level.

VVCR Global Driver Training Network

Over the last 20 years we have developed an extensive network of some of the best trainers throughout the world, delivering driver training to VVCR's methodology and approach. They have been trained to use our tools to ensure a consistent fleet risk management approach throughout the world. 

Local language 

Our training is always delivered in the local language or language of preference. Please contact us for the our most up-to-date language portfolio. 

Local regulations and legislation

Because we work with local training providers, your drivers will always be trained in line with local regulations and legislation.  

Local culture 

At VVCR we understand no country has the same culture and this is especially relevant when it comes to driving cultures! This is why we  use local trainers who understand requirements and behaviours and are able to train locally. 


VVCR offers a truly global fleet risk management solution. 

Would you like to know more about our international partner network? please contact us.