Consultancy, driver training and monitoring
A comprehensive approach for maximum impact

Global Driver Safety Management

1.25 million deaths occur on the world’s roads annually. Your employees will likely spend a lot of time driving for work and privately. Effective driver safety management will ensure as an employer you meet your duty of care obligations and support any drivers who may be at risk.

At VVCR, we can implement global driver safety management programmes to ensure employees are driving safely & efficiently and that  businesses are operating to the highest standards. 

Integrated total solutions

We apply a methodological approach to all our solutions to ensure across the board consistency. This approach entails our experts carrying out research into your operation to determine the most effective programme to begin your driver safety management journey. As part of the process we will also monitor driver performance utilising our DriverPortal. Our approach is based on three pillars of - Assess & Consult, Coach & Train and Monitor & Improve

To gain maximum benefit for your operation, we would always recommend our clients implement the most comprehensive programme available; however our solutions are fully flexible to allow you to select the option of driver training or driver profiling as stand-alone solutions. 

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Driver profiling

Create driver profiles using our assessments

  • Driver Risk Assessment
  • Driver Eco Assessment
  • Scientifically proven
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SAFE Driving

A behavioural based defensive driving course

  • Behavioural based
  • On the road
  • In over 95 countries
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Behavioural based e-learning modules

  • Accessible 24/7
  • Risk specific
  • Interactive
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Fleet risk data monitor

Monitor your drivers' behaviours and key risk management data

  • Damage
  • Fuel
  • Performance
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Custom-designed workshops to meet your business needs

  • Customised
  • In class seminar
  • Globally
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ECO Driving

Driving fuel efficient results

  • Save fuel
  • Save costs
  • CO2 reduction
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Fleet risk consultancy

Discover opportunities for fleet and driver safety improvement

  • Fleet safety policy
  • Project management
  • Programme development
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Data analysis

Fleet & Driver Safety Management starts with data analysis

  • Your data, our concern
  • Damage and collisions
  • Fuel usage
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International certification standard by VVCR and the AA

  • Train the trainer
  • Academy certification
  • International standard
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Management training

Creating a fleet safety culture with management training

  • Safety culture
  • Customised
  • Globally
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Training management

Our planning tool helps you keep track of your administration and course registration

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