Assessing drivers' behaviour
Assess your drivers' behaviour through scientifically proven assessments

Driver profiling

Identify areas of risk and those which need attention within your fleet strategy and amongst your drivers. Using VVCR’s scientifically proven driver assessments monitor and react to areas requiring attention or intervention.


Our proven driver assessment tools have been independently developed by leading academic institutions and are underpinned by years’ of behavioural research. Our Driver Risk Assessment has been developed in conjunction with Cranfield University and is based on 25 years of research. Our Driver Eco Assessment was developed together with the Central Institute for Test Development (Cito), a leading academic institute in the Netherlands. 

In our SAFE Driving training we also use a Driver Self and Performance assessment to enrich the training and to target interventions at specific driver behaviours. 

Global coverage

Global coverageA global fleet safety programme can immensely benefit from accurate risk assessment. It enables the targeting of specific drivers or behaviours and serves as management information through our fleet risk data monitor. Our driver assessments are available in over 95 countries and in more than 35 languages. 

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Our driver assessments

  • Driver Risk Assessment
  • Driver Eco Assessment

Driver Risk Assessment

Identify and target specific risk factors

Driver Risk Assessment

Identify your drivers' risk

The Driver Risk Assessment is designed to identify factors that increase risk for each driver. The online assessment creates a risk profile for each driver and divides the each factor in low risk, medium risk and high risk.

The Driver Risk Assessment tool has been developed by psychologists at Cranfield University and is supported by a large body of academic research and evidence. To date the tool has been used with more than 100,000 drivers around the world. The tool produces a report that can be reviewed and discussed by a driver and their manager and is used to develop an appropriate targeted training plan for each driver based on a division of the drivers into high, medium and low risk categories.

The online assessment takes between 15 and 20 minutes to complete and focuses on two key risk areas proven to be critical in predicting the likelihood of the driver having a collision:

  • Situational Risk  - which establishes details about the driver and their driving history, such as age, experience, annual mileage, licence status and collision history, and
  • Behavioural Risk - which covers factors such as work related pressures, aggression, driving excitement, hazard monitoring and fatigue.

Practical information

  • The duration of the assessment is 15-29 minutes 
  • Is available in over 30 languages 
  • Is accesible through our DriverPortal 


Driver Eco Assessment

How fuel efficient are your drivers?

Driver Eco Assessment

The online Driver Eco Assessment creates a driver specific profile of someone's driving behaviour in terms of fuel efficient driving. It enables management to track which drivers are fuel efficient drivers and which are not. Furthermore it functions as a tool for our trainers to coach on those factors that are important. 

The index and the accompanying profile are calculated on the basis of the participant’s answers to questions about eight principles that help to promote economic fuel consumption and minimise emissions:

  1. Take account of fuel consumption when buying a car.
  2. Have your car serviced on a regular basis.
  3. Only take the car when really necessary.
  4. Drive at an even speed.
  5. Limit opposing forces (e.g. air resistance and weight).
  6. Change gear efficiently.
  7. Treat the engine and accessories sensibly (low RPM)

Keep an up-to-date record of your fuel consumption.

Practical information

  • It is available in over 25 languages 
  • Takes 20 minutes to complete 


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