Driver training solutions
A driver safety programme that meets your requirements

Coach & Train

Our driver training solutions are designed for employees who drive for work, irrespective of the vehicle type; including cars, vans, buses, coaches, trucks and emergency services vehicles. So no matter the size of your fleet we have a solution to suit your requirements.

Behavioural based fleet safety

It’s inevitable that after years on the road, drivers develop their own style behind the wheel. Unfortunately it’s also highly likely that this style will not be the safest. Changing ingrained behaviours can be challenging. However our focussed training solutions utilise scientifically proven driver assessment to begin to effect this change. This also allows for training to be delivered tailored to individual needs.

Safe, sustainable & cost efficient

Our approach will ensure that your employees and your fleet are being driven safely, sustainably and cost efficient. In turn accidents can be prevented, CO2 emissions reduced and fuel usage minimised. This will deliver clear cost savings for your business!

Our driver training solutions:

Select the vehicles in your fleet to discover the training solutions available for your business.

SAFE Driving

SAFE Driving

SAFE Driving is an on road behavioural based driver training that VVCR can deliver in over 95 countries. The objective of this training course is to realise behavioural change and minimise risky behaviour. READ MORE

ECO Driving

ECO Driving 

Our ECO Driving courses teach you how to drive in a way to help save fuel and money on the associated costs and also significanly reduce your CO2 footprint. READ MORE

E-learning SAFE


Raise awareness for SAFE & ECO Driving within your company by using online e-learning modules. Our E-learning programmes are available in over 35 languages.  READ MORE



A workshop can be customised to your company, policies, safety rules and VVCR can complement this with its extensive range of knowledge about SAFE & ECO Driving. READ MORE

Driver profiling

Create driver profiles using our assessments

  • Driver Risk Assessment
  • Driver Eco Assessment
  • Scientifically proven
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SAFE Driving

A behavioural based defensive driving course

  • Behavioural based
  • On the road
  • In over 95 countries
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Behavioural based e-learning modules

  • Accessible 24/7
  • Risk specific
  • Interactive
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Fleet risk data monitor

Monitor your drivers' behaviours and key risk management data

  • Damage
  • Fuel
  • Performance
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Custom-designed workshops to meet your business needs

  • Customised
  • In class seminar
  • Globally
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ECO Driving

Driving fuel efficient results

  • Save fuel
  • Save costs
  • CO2 reduction
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Fleet risk consultancy

Discover opportunities for fleet and driver safety improvement

  • Fleet safety policy
  • Project management
  • Programme development
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Data analysis

Fleet & Driver Safety Management starts with data analysis

  • Your data, our concern
  • Damage and collisions
  • Fuel usage
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International certification standard by VVCR and the AA

  • Train the trainer
  • Academy certification
  • International standard
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Management training

Creating a fleet safety culture with management training

  • Safety culture
  • Customised
  • Globally
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Training management

Our planning tool helps you keep track of your administration and course registration

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