Fuel-efficient driving
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ECO Driving

Thanks to modern technology vehicles are now greener and more fuel efficient. But despite this technology many of us don’t have the skills to drive in a way which is fuel efficient. Our ECO Driving courses teach you how to drive in a way to help save fuel and money on the associated costs and also significantly reduce your CO2 footprint.

Our ECO Driving training:

  • Teaches green and fuel efficient driving techniques 
  • Reduces fuel usage and costs
  • Can be combined with our Driver Eco Assessment 


Our on-road ECO driving course starts with an online self-assessment to determine a driver profile which is then used during the practical on-road training to allow the driver to compare with their actual performance. Our trainers will also use the Driver Performance Assessment to assess driver behaviour to coach effectively on a fuel efficient and green behaviours. 


Our Driver Eco Assessment gives an insight into driver behaviour for fuel efficient and green driving and serves as a valuable tool to monitor driving and provide management information. 

  • Assess the extent to which a driver applies the methods and tips to drive in a fuel efficient manner
  • Drivers and managers can review performance results
  • The Driver Eco Assessment has been developed in collaboration the Dutch Central Institute for Assessment Development (Cito)

ECO Driving can be delivered as a tailor-made solution to meet specific requirements.

Want to book or find out more about ECO Driving? Get in touch or call +31 (0) 548 514 137.

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