Safe and aware driving
A behavioural-based driver training solution

SAFE Driving

90% of collisions and injuries are caused by human error. Our training solutions teach drivers how to improve their driving skills. Utilising driver assessments and a consistent training methodology will help increase the effectiveness of any driver safety programme. 

Our training:

  • Offers on-road driving courses
  • Is driver-specific, based on scientifically proven assessment
  • Can be tailored to your requirements
  • Is available in over 95 countries through our international network


Our SAFE Driving coaches your employees to help them develop defensive driving techniques. The training will help with hazard perception, collision avoidance and efficient driving. 

Suitable for those who drive for work (e.g. account managers, engineers, consultants), we find participants are frequently surprised when confronted with their specific behaviours.

Watch the below video and find out how it works: 



To create a driver-specific training we utilise a range of behavioural-based assessment tools, enabling us to focus on ‘bottlenecks’ within an individual’s driving behaviour. Before training, each participant completes two online assessments: a Driver Risk Assessment and a Driver Self Assessment.

  • The Driver Risk Assessment monitors behaviours against the key risks faced by a driver and is divided into aspects of behaviour such as aggression and fatigue and situational aspects such as distance travelled 
  • The Driver Self-Assessment creates a profile, based on a series of illustrated questions. This can then be used as a comparison with a driver’s reality during the on-road training to provide a Driver Performance Assessment.

Our scientifically-proven, online assessment tools have been developed in conjunction with Cranfield University and the Central Institute for Exam Development (Cito). These tools enable our trainers to target the specific elements which pose the highest risk and where most improvements can be made. 


Driver Performance Assessment enables the consistent measurement of behaviours across and entire team or business resulting in clear reporting and personal development plans for all drivers.  The results of all assessments undertaken are available through VVCR’s online portal providing you with vital insight into performance across all areas of your business.

More information about our driver training solution?

Our SAFE Driving training is bespoke for each client and will be developed in line with your business requirements.

Do you want to book this training or find out more about SAFE Driving? Get in touch with us by email or call: +31 (0) 548 514 137 


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