International fleet risk management network
A network of world's state-of-the art driver training companies


We have developed an international Fleet Risk Management network, through which we are able to serve multinational companies with driver training, online assessments, consultancy and driver monitoring. Our network is made up of some of the best driver training companies around the world.  Our comprehensive network all deliver driver training in line with international standards.

Already in over 95 countries and 35 languages 

Currently our network covers over 95 countries and our tools are available in more than 30 languages. 

Global VVCR Partner Network


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Interested in becoming part of VVCR's international fleet risk management network?

By being part of VVCR’s global training network you will deliver training to clients all over the world, operating a variety of vehicle fleets. Through our international network you can develop your specialism to an international level.  

Certification to a global driver training standard

Becoming part of our global driver training network involves a 'train the trainer' certification programme which will guarantee your organisation and trainers are skilled to training according to VVCR's behavioural-based methodology, the correct use of our online assessment tools and portal.

Quality standard

To become part of VVCR's international fleet risk management network you will need to comply with minimum quality requirements, to enable us to ensure quality and consistency globally. We will audit your organisation to establish whether you are a potential associate within our partner network, taking account of  your geographical coverage, number of trainers and training quality. 

Training partner

As a training partner you will deliver training to our clients and be able to benefit from international best practice; providing you with a new revenue stream to help expand your business. 

Reseller partner 

Our tools and driver training methodology and approach can also be used for your own clients via our reseller partner programme. For an annual fee you will be given to access to our online tools, plus receive marketing and sales support, so you always have a helping hand when necessary.

Become a training and/or reseller partner today

Are you interested in becoming a trainer or reseller partner? Please call +31 (0) 548 514 137 or email to request more information.



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